Arial Survey

Arial Survey

Survey is a profession that requires patience and accuracy. Mapping of industrial environments can often be dangerous, time-consuming and difficult. Our aerial survey services are delivered by drones with a high-resolution aerial photography camera and their ability to fly autonomously. We also use detailed 3D and overlay software, which provides a fully automated 3D processing solution. This software allows for a precise geo-referenced Orthomosaic, Digital elevation models (DEM), Generate contour line (DSM & DTM) that assist in surveying reports.

Industrial Inspection.

Drones are becoming an integral part of infrastructure inspection practice, from tall structures, such as electric towers and wind turbines. Our drones can be equipped with special sensors that allow them to perform various inspections such as thermal inspection (heat leakage). The drones fly autonomously along pre-determined waypoints, gathering GPS enabled images. The generated images are used to create a map and model which produces data for accurate 2D, 3D models and other various professional report type.

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture is the key to the future of agriculture, turning drone imagery into actionable information. Precision agriculture is a farming management concept that uses drones to measure, observe and respond to variably found in crops.

Our Agricultural services includes plant counting, field analysis and Health monitoring analyses which makes it possible to measure plant health, identify crop stress and damages from different factors, and thus rapidly eliminate threats on the field. The main purpose of these analyses is to allow users to explore and benefit from detailed agricultural data using modern and reliable technology.

Plant health monitoring analyses involves:

  • General stress (Plant Stress analysis).
  • Specific stress (Disease and Weed Analysis).

Other uses for our UAV’s on Agriculture includes:

  • Crop spraying application; Utilizing state-of-the-art topographical scanning, agricultural drones dispense the optimal amount of fluid to ensure even coverage for proper crop growth without unnecessary waste. Our drones can also perform dry fertilizer application.


Our drone solution help map large work sites to provide detailed, precise data for architects and contractors. These include but are not limited to orthomosaics, DSMs and dense 3D point clouds almost instantly using our automatic workflow, repeat the process in fixed time intervals and analyse results over time to monitor contractors and construction advancements.

In addition, most of the materials used in construction will be available on-site as stockpiles. While convenient because of accessibility, maintaining an inventory of stockpiles can be a nightmare for the project manager. Drones can take multiple photos of stockpiles from multiple angles and create 3D models; volumetric calculations can then be done to these models for more accurate inventory of stockpiles.

Natural Resources Management

We are capable of producing large-scale, detailed survey of natural resources, providing accurate maps and models as well as telemetry data. This helps in verifying the enforcement of environmental regulations, assessing the vigour of vegetation through vegetation indexes, creating extensive inventories of natural resources are only a few examples of how we can assist.


Emergency Response

Effective emergency response needs fast accurate information to first responders and as a tool to provide Realtime visual confirmation to the wide variety of stakeholders who participate in emergency response activities and correct on-site production of cartography.

Our aerial survey solution provides a fully automatic workflow that will produce fast results all the while limiting operator errors to the very minimum. Our drones Aerial Survey are ideal in that they can potentially provide important information to emergency responders, enhance situational awareness, and reduce risk to responders; potential limitations. Our Drones gather incident information, for tactical planning and for observation of plans as they are executed, and notes that the capabilities for thermal imaging, transmission of real-time data to incident command, and the potential to reduce the exposure of personnel to dangerous environments.


From Mining exploration, Operations planning and Monitoring, Stockpile evaluation, Drilling blasting preparations. Our drones can be used to assess the mineral potential of a site with the help of geology and mineralogy. With our UAVs (or rather drones) we create airborne imagery that produces orthomosaics, Digital Surface Maps (DSMs) and point clouds of open-pit mines, quarries and pits, and create 3D model of calculated volumes to be extracted and stockpiles. This also increases efficiency, accuracy while keeping cost and labour to a minimum and safety as the drones gives a bird’s eye view of the site, help spot hazard invisible from the ground.